Taser Guns Pros and Cons

Keeping yourself safe in the world today is most peoples priority. With crime constantly on the rise, it is not hard to see why most people do not feel safe in their own neighborhoods. That is why many people look to self defense weapons to keep them safe.

Taser guns are one of the most effective self defense weapons available within the US. However, if you are planning on getting one then there are a number of factors which you should keep in mind. Owning a Taser gun can have its disadvantages as well as its advantages and it is important to be aware of both if you want to safely use the gun in the future.

Understanding Taser Guns

Taser guns work by shooting out two Taser probes that are roughly fifteen feet apart. They are electronically charged and so when they reach their target they give a sharp electrical shock that stuns the person. Usually they stun a person for up to 30 seconds which is not overly long, but it can make all the difference if you are being attacked.

The advantages to owning a Taser gun include that it can give you enough time to get safely away from your attacker. The voltage of the gun is quite high, but it does not injure the person. So whilst it is a good self defense weapon, it is perfectly legal because it will not harm your attacker. All it will do is leave them unable to move or do anything for a short period of time. That time is then enough for you to get away and contact the police. Another great advantage to a Taser gun is that even if the probes miss the target, as your attacker comes at you, you can place the actual gun against them and that will have the same effect. This is like a backup in case you need it.

So the advantages of using a Taser gun are obvious, but what about the downsides? There is a lot of controversy regarding the use of Taser guns and many people are understandable reluctant to use them. One reason Taser guns are avoided is because it is thought that in some people they could cause a heart attack. It is also possible for the guns to be used for the wrong reasons if the wrong people get their hands on them. For example, an attacker could use a Taser gun to stun their victim. Whilst this is not very common it can happen as there are no real regulations regarding owning a Taser gun within the United States.

Taser guns can be extremely effective in helping to keep you safe. However you should only use them when they are needed. It is not ok to use them just because somebody is getting on your nerves. That may sound obvious but there are some people who are tempted to use the guns when they are not needed. So just be aware of the consequences that the Taser gun may have before you go ahead and purchase one.


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